Shake Your Groove Thing

Shake Your Groove Thing

Shake Your Groove Thing, Yeah Yeah!

You know the music that plays during the running of movie credits, after a movie? Well, I must admit ever since I was little, that channel was not changed until I heard them! And if the beat was right, oh I’m definitely getting up to dance! Today, as a real grown woman nothing has changed. I’m still waiting, listening, and then being my goofy self.

Although, after marriage, I did plan to tone it down a bit, since my husband was more of the serious type. I would just sneak a good moment in when I could. “Hey, don’t talk bad about me. Dancing will keep me young, professionally, eh, or not!” Anyway, I was concerned about nothing. My king said he likes my goofy side, we balance one another out. And I dare to say, that now he even joins(rarely, but often enough) the “Reesie Movie Credits Music Jam Party”! I know he only does it to amuse me, but I don’t care. The fact is he does it. We share that moment, those times, because my king knows it makes me happy ☺.

However, it was not always like this. We had some rough spots, to the point where we thought our marriage might not survive. There was no infidelity, or abuse, rather as the world calls it ” irreconcilable differences”. Which according to Kingdom thinking is a bunch of bologna. We figured that out, and with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and our Apostle’s counsel, we’re continuing to work things out. If you’re reading this and your marriage doesn’t have a “dance”, a goofy, happy, active time, that you two can share together, find one. Marriages deserve these moments. You don’t always need to be the serious, reserved, spouse. Scripture even agrees in Ecclesiastes 9:9, “Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun—all your meaningless days. For this is your lot in life and in your toilsome labor under the sun.” See, life is what you make it.

To close, I am so grateful for what God is doing in our lives. Therefore, it is an honor and a privilege, to have someone to Shake My Groove Thing With, A Yeah, Yeah! For the rest of our lives. Even though I always gotta, “Show him, how I do it now”!

~Blessings & Shalom~